Wild Child: a children’s book illustrated by Lorna Freytag

A few days ago Twitter told us that Lorna Freytag finished illustrating a new children’s book called Wild Child. Lorna is the wife of Wolf designer Daniel Freytag (remember Kid a and Kid b?). We’ve been enjoying Lorna’s photographic collages for a while now so I couldn’t resist and headed over to Amazon to order a copy of Wild Child.

It’s a big-sized and great looking book aimed at kids over 3 years old. It’s a story by author Jeanne Willis about a spirited and curious wild child that’s fearless and free, living in a mystical prehistoric world.

Here’s some shots from the book that show Lorna’s amazing photographic collaging skills:

wild child lorna freytag illustration

wild child illustration by lorna freytag

As you see, the border between illustration and photography gets really vague. It might not be the most happy, colorful or perhaps typical kid’s illustration work, but that’s what makes Lorna’s work stand out.

Here’s two more shots coming out of Lorna Freytag’s portfolio:

lorna freytag illustration

lorna freytag illustration

If your kids like the work over on Lorna’s site, you might as well give Wild Child a try!