Screen printing Muscle Man

Last week has been full of excitement, as Muscle Man was screen printed. Laurent, our beloved screen printer, was kind enough to let us attend the printing process. As always he did an excellent job. Once again we were delighted by his true craftsmanship and attention to detail.

To give you a little insight into how a Wolf T-shirt is produced, we took our camera with us and shot this short movie:

At the end of the film you’ll notice every T-shirt is labelled taglessly. That’s because we know kids don’t like those darn itchy tags! Here’s a picture of the T-shirt label in detail:

Wolf T-shirts have tagless labels. Nice and elegant!

You’ll also see Laurent is heath pressing the designs after they’re printed. It not only gives them a super soft feel (something kids find more comfortable), it also makes for an extremely durable print that can stand a gazillion washes.

Just so you know! :)