Announcing Wolf T-shirts for everyone, not just kids!

Today is a big day for us. We’re finally rolling out something we’ve been discussing internally for a very long time: Wolf T-shirts for grown-ups. That’s right: awesome tees for everyone, not just kids.

Since day one, this has been the number one request from our customers and loyal followers. We’re happy we can finally deliver.

The Wolf store for grown-ups will function differently from the kid’s T-shirt shop. Why? Well, one thing that blew us away last year was the T-shirt design competition we did. You all submitted so many tee designs of an overall very high quality. So we wanted to incorporate the community idea in the new T-shirt shop.

Here’s how it works: everyone can submit a design. If we like it, we’ll release it as a T-shirt. The shirts will be in our online shop for pre-order for 20 days only. Then never again. If we pre-sell 20 copies of a design, we’ll have it produced. If we don’t reach this selling target in those 20 days, we won’t print and ship the T-shirt design. Customers of course don’t pay anything in this case.

If a T-shirt reaches its selling target, the designer will receive a fixed fee of $4 per sold shirt. So if you ever wanted to see your design on a T-shirt, now is your chance: go ahead and submit it. Chances are it will be up for sale in a few days already.

We’re initially launching as a side-project on a separate domain: While it might somehow look strange to have 2 separate shops (one for kids and one for adults) it makes sense to us: we look at the shop for grown-ups as an experiment. If it appears successful, we’ll more than likely merge both shops together. But if it appears fruitless, we’ll be able to pull the plug easily without doing any harm to the integrity of the kids shop.

Lastly, we have some more great news to announce: to make sure we didn’t launch as an empty shop, we’ve contacted a few of the designers who made us a T-shirt for the kids shop. They were happy to help us out (thank you all!). At the moment we have four designs in our shop for grown-ups:

1. Solar System by Brent Couchman:

Solar System T-shirt by Brent Couchman for adults

2. Street Sheep by Bart Praat:

Street Sheep by Bart Praat

3. Ice Cream Sun by The Heads of State:

Ice Cream Sun by The Heads of State

and 4. Cowboy Lion by David Litchfield:

Cowboy Lion T-shirt design by David Litchfield

The game is on. You have 20 days to pre-order them: deadline is September 1st 2013. It’s now or never. :)